When we first started this we knew that publishing the product was just the beginning and you know you always have things to grow and improve.

This month we come with some great changes, new features and bugfix, cause you know there is no app without bugs.

To improve user experience we worked around a lot with statistics in these time and we:

– Reworked the statistics latest visits page with a more helpful overview page.


– Implemented the ability to select an “All time” date picker range for stats.

– Implemented links cities tracking statistics.

– Implemented links UTM parameters tracking statistics.

More data for you to measure and to keep track to.

Also we did this:

– Implemented the ability for the end-user to upload his own images for the Image block, Image grid block and Link block thumbnail (instead of pointing an URL).

Now you can upload your own images for the image block and link block thumbnail when using an image grid.

You can find when adding a new link on your landing page.

Also now on your activation email you get also the guide where you can check if you have any question about how to use our web.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at info@biolincs.me or support@biolincs.me also in our socials.

Thank you and till next time.

Mustafa A.

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